Sam Clift "The Dip" Breeza NSW 2381

67 foot Symons Trash Flow

67 foot Symons Trash Flow gray model row spacing 8in sowing out of every second tyne middle 3 rows and there are 5 row of tynes (Or bares)with 12 in sweeps. It has good trash clearance and very robust machine. Sits on 16inch boomer tyres with 2 new implement tyres, the main transport wheels have been filled with rubber. It hydraulically folds to 20feet for road transport. This has its own air seeder cart automatic sowing shut off when the machine is lifted.
Symonds air seeder cart 8ton Model 8AS Serial No. 237.84 , end tow Belarous motor 2 cylinder deasel , the cart has never had fertiliser in it. The cart has 2 adjustable bins on 23.1.26 tractor tyres.


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