Sam Clift "The Dip" Breeza NSW 2381

60 Foot Gyral air seeder

This machine is in NSW Gunnedah and sorry about the grass in the planter as we are having a good time at the moment.
60 foot Gyral air seeder this machine has had a new centre section added and for the 2003 sowing season has had all tines serviced, new sewing heads,new seed boxes for the seed cart with new seed metering shoots in the boxes.

It has Mardella harrows and is on 5 inch row spacing having 7 lows of tines.This machine has only done 1000ac since this work being done. This machine is in excellent working order and does not need any work to start sowing. We sow wheat , canola, sorghum, sunflowers with this machine. It is an end tow for road transport and has a 3 ton seed box that fits in to the frame in the mid tow configuration. The fans are driven with a 2 cylinder Lambogini motor. This planter gives the normal good germination Gryal is know for.


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