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Clift Country Electric Feeders
Models CCF2-300, CCF2-400

Motor & Spinner

The feeders are designed to be durable and easy to manoeuvre, fill from the bank by bags, or by bulk loading. Adjustments are done by adjusting the sliding shoots which sit on the top of the spinner. The time clock can be supplied to give adjustment for day or numbers of days, weeks or daily. They can give 8 "shut off and on" settings in a individual day for any length of time.

Adjusting the feed rate on a CCF2-300

The motors are readily available and non motor specific.

The feed gets thrown in a 20m 170 degrees arc, however this can be adjusted by changing the angle of the feeder.

CCF2-300 This feeder holds approximately 300Kg.
CCF2-400 This feeder holds approximately 400Kg.

Single or 3 phase Motors can be fitted. The feeder can be used manually or supplied with a timer.
Feeding rates can be adjusted in two ways, shoot adjustment on the spinner for different size feeds and flow rates and, the most common way, by increasing or decreasing the feeding time if timers are fitted.

Adaptation of the feeder
Waranty Motors
Motor 12 months 1/2 Hp 3Ph Seimens
Body 12 months 1/2Hp 1Ph Weg

Pricing Extras
  Time clock
CCF2-300 $1812 Cable 3 core-earth
CCF2-400 $1812 Switch
  Plug 10amp
All prices Ex factory, include Goods & Services Tax.

Further information, contact Sam Clift on 02 6744 5852 or e-mail Sam at

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