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Clift Country Paddle Wheels
Model CCP6-75

This paddle wheel, when compared with the Tayene's import, uses 50% less power.

WHY? It is designed better and uses high quality components.

CCP6-75 in action
Weight 80 kg
Power Usage 1.8 Amp
Suface Area/Minute 34,000 sqm/minute
Motor 0.75 kw
Gear-Box Inline 11.03:1
Water Flow Behind Paddle 0.8 m/sec

This paddle wheel is the equivalent to the 2 Hp Taiwan import which has a power usage of 3.3Amp and a surface area through the water of 13,200 sqm/minute and a flow rate behind the paddle of 0.4m/sec. The motors and gear-boxes are not readily available in Australia, so to rewire a motor cost $300.

It has 260% greater surface area through the water per minute and puts 2.6 times more water in the air thereby increasing the flow rate behind the paddle wheel by 100%.
On average it will increase the oxygen levels in the pond by 2ppm more than the Taiwanese import.
These paddle wheels are maintenance free for 6 years so far.
Only yearly inspections with adjustments need to be done. It is 40Kg lighter.

Design Aims
The aim was to make a better or comparable paddle which was maintenance free, reliable and more efficient. The paddle wheel had to be easily repaired if it did break down by parts obtained from our local towns. The only part of the wheel which can not be obtained from town is the gear-box and even it is only 2 days delivery from factory.
These gear-boxes are sealed for the life of the gear box.
CCP6-75 on the bank

Motors are available from your local supplier or from factory with-in two days at $120-140 per unit.

Items Supplied
· Motor 3 Phase or Single Phase
· Gear-Box
· Flexible Coupling
· Body
· Pontoons x 3

Pricing Extras
3 Phase $1,560.00 Cable
Single Phase $1,1680.00 Plug

$60.00 can be taken off if the pontoons are not ordered, but made up to plans as this will save on freight.

All prices Ex factory, Australian dollars,
Including Australian Goods & Services Tax
(The 10% GST does not apply for buyers outside Australia)

Further information, contact Sam Clift on 02 6744 5852 or e-mail Sam at

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