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Clift Country Solar Fish Feeders

Model CCF2-30

The CCF2-30

These CCF2-30 feeders are floated in the pond to feed fingerlings from 2g to 200g body weight with a crumble to a 4 millimetre pelleted feed.

There is a multiple feeding rate adjustment with the adjustable shoot and duration time. However, extended feeding times will require a bigger solar panel. The quantity of feed is readily weighable. They have a 12v DC motor mounted with a solar panel and a timer allowing 8 different feeding times a day.

The CCF2-30 in dry dock


These feeders will work while you are away or attending to water quality monitoring.

They feed in a 10 metre circumference around the feeder and will carry 40kg of feed. They are easily carried by one person and are made with components easily obtainable from your local town. They have a 1 year warranty on all components they are water tight and durable.
Feeders can be modified to different applications. In a green house and raceway system this feeder can be converted to a 240v ac system with a smaller feeding circle.

The CCF2-30 comes in 2 configurations:
5 Watt panel model $966
10 Watt panel model $1010

Feeders are ex factory, including Australian Goods & Services Tax.
it is suggested that the pontoons not be supplied to save on freight, but rather made to plans supplied saving $50.00. If ordered in lots of 10 a $500.00 discount applies.

Further information, contact Sam Clift on 02 6744 5852 or e-mail Sam at

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