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I have always looked to improve the machinery I have worked with and have done so in the broad acre farming area. When we moved in to fish farming it became apparent to me that major improvements could be made in efficiency and reliability in the operations of the equipment used on the fish farm.
The paddle wheel was the first piece of equipment that I looked at as it required a high maintenance schedule due to it's high usage.

I am very proud of the Clift Country paddle wheel due to its reliability efficiency and reduced running cost by 50%. This was developed and tested over a number of years and required patience as the first one sunk. All though more expensive to buy it is made from high quality components and a more efficient design.
The feeders were not obtainable and as fingerlings need to feed regularly through the day these became a must on our farm. They gave reliable feeding and let us get on with what ever we had to do. Bank mounted feeders were developed for grown fish feeding a larger pellet so they could be filled from bulk or bags from the back of the truck. These feeders can be adapted to any situation and made to run from a verity of power supplies.

I am working on an automatic Oxy monitoring system coming back to the office incorporating in a warning system and automatic startup of paddle wheels for external ponds and purging systems.

The equipment featured on this site has been used on an operational fish farm for more than six years and I am confident it will save you time, money and give you a better working day.

Sam Clift

Further information, contact Sam Clift on 02 6744 5852 or e-mail Sam at

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